tirsdag 24. november 2015

Learning english

In this post I'll be telling you about how I learned english and how others may learn it. In Norway every child begins in a primary school when they are 6 years old and in third grade they begin learning english. Their english language is then developed throughout their whole life, until their death. However, if you don't use and explore this language you won't come any further. Obviously you use it in your daily life, but you should often travel or speak online to foreigners to develop your english. During a period, some years back I often spoke to foreigners in my daily life. Throughout my life my learning methods have changed drastically and currently I'd like to think that I'm in a good situation. Now-a-days almost every human being is expected to speak the english language. Either as their mother tongue, main-, second- or third language. However, not every ones accent are quite as good. The english language varies around the globe and every country has its different way of speaking the language. Therefore you'll have to be able to adjust your hearing while speaking to foreigners. This will help you in a major way for improving your accent and pronunciation.

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