fredag 23. september 2016

9/11 a day we will never forget

9/11 is and will always be a memorable date for all of the humanity. The occurrences are unforgivable and unforgettable. Destroying the human view on Muslims, Al-Qaida performed an act of terror dividing the east and west. Even though Al-Qaida scared and hurt as many people as they did, New Yorkers, Americans, and the whole western world came together as one reuniting like never before, creating a friendship that could stand up to the terror and pain the world was and will be put through.
All Americans have a relationship with what happened that day. The day is a brand of happiness and sorrow. Honoring the people who lost their lives that day, all Americans share feelings and prove to the world that terrorism is possible to counter. Without letting it scare us in the long run, the terrorists are no longer winning.

We just watched a documentary called 9/11, which was originally made as a documentary about a boy becoming a man, Tony, who just got out of the school for becoming a fireman. The filming was in the beginning meant to be about Tony’s transition from “a boy to a man”, but turned in to a documentary about 9/11 as soon as the two planes hit the World Trade Center. Tony didn’t get that much trust and that many assignments, in the beginning, because of his lack of experience. But, 9/11 was definitely a turning point for him. The two planes hit WTC, and Tony was told that he should carry the fire station and not go to WTC, where all the other firemen were - until a retired fireman showed up. This guy brought Tony with him to help the other police, fire, and rescuemen. We saw real fotage from the hours and minutes just after the first plane crashed in the documentary, which made our experience much more interesting. The situation seemed very real, yet surreal and therefore the legitmate footage became very moving. We got a full view of what the situation was like before, during and after the fire department did their amazing job.

What can we learn from such horrible events as the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? Have we showed the rest of the world that terrorism will never win, or have we lost by becoming scared and answering the attacks with more violence? Franklin Roosevelt said in 1933 “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. If we let the terrorists get to us, won´t that mean that they have already won?
The aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks meant a lot more security at airports, and a feeling of fear spreading across the entire western civilization. I believe the US acted wrongly after the 9/11 attacks, and milked the attacks to let them perform military operations in other countries, such as Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003).
The US acting as a world police should have seen such attacks coming after treating the middle-eastern countries like trash for decades. Do not get me wrong, I do not condone terrorism and believe noone should have to go through what the people in Manhattan went through the infamous day. However, I think the US and the west had no right to create Israel, being a “big bully” to the Palestinians that had land where Israel lays today. The western countries showed the middle-eastern countries that they had absolutely no respect for them, creating enourmous conflicts between the middle-east and the west.

As a solution, I believe Israel shall cease to exist. I think no religion should get their own country preserved for them, just like I do not want it to be a Christian country or a Muslim country. I believe religion shall be a private matter, and that everyone can do what they like. France is a country I believe is doing the right thing, and is a country others should learn from.

This blogpost was created in collaboration between Henrik, Martin and I.

fredag 2. september 2016

IPN and our trip there - upcoming

IPN Is a global network of business and education, working a lot with community organizations in partnership to achieve both social and economical benefits.
My International English class is going to the 13th International education business Partnership Conference (IPN) in Lillestrøm. The conference is from the 14th to the 16th of September. There, we will listen to conferences and present how we learn through using communicative technologies.
We will talk about our experiences attending Sandvika vgs, a school that is advanced in its learning ways, using several medias as learning platforms. We are currently attending vg2, and spent a lot of 1st grade using tehcnological devices to broaden our learning oppurtunities. We also have had the chance to take Information Technology (IT) as an oppurtunitive class, a class many students have both chosen and enjoyed the first weeks. The class is extremely popular, though girls are underrepresented with 80% (approx.) in the class being boys. Attending the conference, Ellen Therese Rasmussen is representing Union Consult on the the topic girls and technology.
After our presentation, the winner of the IPN International enterprise challenge will be announced. The contest is for high school teams, and was founded in 2000. The contest has been held in many different countries, such as Scotland, Canada and South Africa, with participants from all over the world. The award is presented by NASA.

Describing themselves as “The community for science education in Europe”, is Scientix a part of the main frame of European Education. The community promotes and supports collaboration across Europe for STEM and STEM education professions. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We are excited to meet and listen to the former NASA astronaut Richard Hieb. His experience and expertice within the aerospace industry is something we find interesting, and we are really looking forward to his speech at the International education business Partnership Conference in Lillestrøm, 16.September 2016. He will be talking about the role of space exploration in inspiring the engineers and scientists of the future, accommodated by engineer and NASA scientist, Sue Lederer. Hieb graduated from Jamestown High School, Jamestown, North Dakota, in 1973. Where he received a bachelor of arts degree in math and physics from Northwest Nazarene College in 1977, and a master of science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Colorado in 1979. After graduating from the University of Colorado Mr. Hieb went straight to NASA to work. He has logged over 750 hours in space, including 17 hours of space walk.