tirsdag 19. januar 2016


Hello again,

Today I'll be telling you about the well-known journalist and author Hemingway. He lived from 1899, to 1961 and gre up in Oak Park, Chicago, with his 5 other siblings. He's often spoken of as one of the most important writers of the 20th century and most of his works are based on his experience in Europe and Cuba. He took part in a group of writers named the Lost Generation, a group of which rejected what they thought of as an American focus on acquiring possessions.

Hemingway often wrote about real events from his life and we can see a reflection of the term Fact becomes fiction. The term constitute that something of which is fictional is added to something factual or that a fact has simply been changed. However, many people believe that when something has the opportunity to become something fictional it never was a fact. But, Hemingways works are often spoken of as something like this. You could say it was in his writing style. Other than that, his writing consisted of short, simple and readable sentences, but not too simple.

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