tirsdag 10. november 2015

My relationship with the english language

I use the english language in my daily life quite a lot. I consistently listen to music, play games, read something or just observe the english language in some way, shape or form. You could say my life is somewhat wrapped around it. Obviously I've known of the english language most of life, but I believe i begun learning the language in something like second or third grade. Personally I believe I understand the language and use the language quite well myself, but others might not think so. The language comes easily to me and that might be why it takes a great part in my life. There was a period previously in my life were I had a lot of friends from foreign countries. All of those spoke english very well and I immediately felt the need to achieve a higher level of the language myself. As I got older and the more I communicated with them I became much much better. Early in year nine I grew apart from these friends and my english became slightly worse and worse. But somehow I got back on track. All this lead up to today. These days I have a healthy relationship to english and I commonly use it.

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