fredag 3. februar 2017

Who speaks English

All around the world, people learn the language that we know as The Global Language and a secondary or main language for most people. Although we all speak and write the same language, many countries have their own version of the languages that sounds or seems different from others. More commonly called accents. It’s like we’ve created endless languages by changing simple things like grammar or pronunciation.

Chinglish is a spoken or written language that is influenced by the Chinese language. The language is characterized by ungrammatical or nonsensical  sentences with a Chinese accent. Even though China’s inhabitants represents 19% of the world’s population, there is a surprisingly large amount of the people who does not speak english. One of the reasons to why the chinese people struggle to learn english, might be because of the big differences in the alphabet. Most of the chinese population writes in chinese signs, which can not even be compared to the latin alphabet. But some of the people and especially the younger generation are taught the written language “pinyin” in school as well, which resembles the latin alphabet and makes the english reading process easier.

Franglais, also called frenglish, is the name of the mixture between french and english that the frenchmen tend to speak. The oral language comes from lacking english knowledges and native features. An example of typical franglais is to say “le week-end”  in stead of “the weekend”.  The french people also tend to add “-ing” at the ending of different english words, and use a variety french words in their sentences while they try to make it sound like english.

In South Asia languages they speak the version of english that is known as Hinglish. Hinglish is a combination of Hindi and English, therefore Hinglish. The language is more commonly used in India with English words blending with Punjabi and Hindi.


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