mandag 30. januar 2017

Gran Torino

Walt is a strange man some would say. He cares for his family in a different way than most people do. It seems he has a lack of love while demanding respect. Why is that? With his history from the war we can assume that Walt is a traditional man that has a different picture of what respect means. Which may be why he bonds so well with the Hmong family. The Hmong people preaches respect, discipline and love, which is seemingly the same priorities as Walt has. With his own family it is different. We can assume that Walt's deceased wife was the one to pass on her main values. Throughout the film, we often receive signals that Walt's wife was a person that caring and understanding and unlike Walt she might have been visibly fond of her family. Although we do not get a visible picture of Walts love for his family we are aware that he does love them. How come?-you might ask. Well, when receiving the bad news from his doctor.

Project remains unfinished - to be continued.

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