fredag 17. juni 2016

The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph

Throughout the film The Butterfly Circus, we meet the actor Nick who plays the role of a limbless circus actor. An actor performing to gain while feeling a loss. While he might seem happy later on in the movie, Nick had a rough start. At the beginning, we meet The limbless man. A man disowned by God, a man who barely is a man. The circus manager for The Butterfly Circus appears to be a great man in the film. He fronts himself with sayings such as If you could only see the beauty that comes from ashes and The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph.  He seems like a wise and understanding man. Now, these quotes are quite direct towards the situation that Nick faces in the film. Nick achieves great accomplishments and nearing the end of the film he seems to be at the peek of his life. He truly reaches above and beyond every expectatins.

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