tirsdag 5. april 2016

Civil Rights Movement

Last English class, we watched a film about how the white affected the change of equality in Mississipi. The movie is called Mississipi Burning and is to some degree a film filled with propaganda. Throughout Mississipi Burning, there are several moments when the black people are continually saved by the white and great people. So I felt the urge to tell you about the Civil Rights Movements. A series of political events that represented equality before the law.

There have been several leaders over the years of the Civil Rights movement, but one to note especially is Martin Luther King Jr. He's one of the most well-known advocates of the Civil Rights movement. His primary goal was to obtain equal rights for the black population as the white. The white at this point ruled every community known to man in America. They were the law, it's protectors and the people who made sure everyone obeyed it. With force, the white people ensured their power by just making sure every black man, woman, and child were too afraid to stand up against the higher hierarchy.

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