torsdag 26. oktober 2017

From Brexit to Flexit

The Conservative party was once called the most successful electoral party in the west. Ian Maclead, minister in four conservative governments during the post-war period, has concluded with the best phrase for their pragmatic view; "The Socialists can scheme their schemes, the Liberals can dream their dreams, but we have work to do." To contrast to today's parties are huge. The most notable difference is the view of the EU. The party has strived for five years to end the "friendship" with the EU. The conversation about the EU is practically taboo when meeting in social situations, Nicky Morgan, a previous minister stated.

Because of Brexit, the three last conservative prime ministers have lost their job: Margaret Thatcher, John Major, David Cameron. Many would debate that David Cameron should not have announced a referendum, which is something he did not have to do. The referendum leads to Camerons resigning and The beginning of Theresa May. May started off well, however, after she called for a re-election she faced a disaster. Before the election, she had a 20% lead. But after the election on the 8th of June, she lost the majority in the house she wanted to resign. According to the Norwegian "Aftenposten", The conservative party beseeched her to stay, not because they had faith in her, but because there was no one to replace her. Now she has a two-year plan where she is 2019 will aim for an "EØS-Light" version. A new election will be the cause of the possible resignation or impeachment of Theresa May. The result will be the choice of a new leader within the party. Boris Johnson is currently the fan favorite.

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