fredag 21. oktober 2016

Media and it's effect on the election - Martin & Leon

Fox has over 2.4 million viewers during the evening, and is described as “Republican-friendly”, though their slogan is “fair and balanced”.
Fox has a grand focus on portraying Trump as a nice, fun guy to be around. Trump is described as the most lively one, while Clinton is more annoyingly portrayed, telling bad jokes. Fox´s political views influence the articles to talk positively about Trump and negatively about Hillary Clinton.

1.22 million viewers during the evening, airing for 36 years. Is considered neutral, but seems to portray Trump as much worse than Hillary. CNN portrays Trump as a villain and tries to dig up all the dirt they can on him, to make him appear as wicked as possible, this due to their political views. It is important to take into consideration that Trump have said some pretty nasty things, which also influences what the most neutral news channels will write about him.

Huffington Post:
Launched in 2005 as a left-oriented alternative to the conservative “Drudge report” by Arianna Huffington. Due to their political views, Huff Post constantly criticize Trump and refers to Hillary as “on fire”, portraying her as funny, smart and a correct candidate to vote for as President.

The Hill:
A newspaper with around 5,5 million viewers on Facebook and Twitter is the largest neutral newspaper covering the election. The Hill was created in 1994 and has about 24 000 daily readers on paper. Their coverage of their election is impartial which is why its reader count is so consistent.

The Rush Limbaugh Show:
As the conservative as the radio host is, The Rush Limbaugh Show gathers among 13,2 million weekly listeners. Being considered one of Donald Trumps most important supporters, his word could potentially play a huge part in the Trump voters’ mind. Beyond that, the radio show might have an effect on the listeners who are still undecided. Other than that, The Rush Limbaugh Show doesn’t really make a difference.

National Public Radio (NPR):
Being a near national radio broadcaster, NPR is an organisation consisting of 900 local radiostations that run on listeners donations.  They are a fairly neutral station and their flagship is All Things Considered, which is USAs most popular radiostation with approximant ally 13,3 million weekly listeners.

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